Top 11 Twitter Etiquettes You Must Follow

Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms where you can chat about anything, tweet anything special, socialize, and get to know new people in your industry. The total numbers of words in Twitter are limited to only 140 characters and hence you should be very careful while you tweet, and keep the messages short, sweet, and sensible.

In this social world, anybody can be your friend; this means that you can accept anybody as follower or you can follow anybody whom you are interested to know better. You can also block some people and report as spam if you find their behavior to be a little extreme.

Here are some Twitter etiquettes, which are very important to be followed while tweeting.

Etiquette #1

Do not use a tag consisting of a word within the message prefixed with symbol or sign.

Etiquette #2

Be careful while tagging in Tweet; it is always recommended to use less than 3 hash tags to avoid frustration.

Etiquette #3

Ensure that you do not focus on followers! That’s the first mistake that people will commit. Look for engagement or association rather than followers. Elicit questions from people by engaging with them; then, they will automatically follow you. This is the way to maintain the continuity of followers in the long run.

Etiquette #4

Some tweeters do not come back or ignore. This may not mean that they are not interested in you; instead you share ideas and case study, which may help them to follow you with interest.

Etiquette #5

You have a limitation on characters like 130-140. Try to be crisper in what you want to convey. Express just in 110-120 characters, with real message or punch lines. This will automatically lead people to follow you.

Etiquette #6

Sometimes, adding profile pictures can really make an impact. People may imagine you during the conversations. Trust me!!! This could be one of the major drivers.

Etiquette #7

Just consider an example. If you have plans to see your bike or house, you will normally ensure that it looks attractive so that people will vouch for it. The same technique or philosophy will apply even here. Ensure that you add some nice background, which showcases your attitude.

Etiquette #8

There are some instances where you may come across some spam accounts or ID’s. At that point of time, try to report them.

Etiquette #9

Ensure that you have a suitable description. This may be of great help for those tweets who do not know you or your discussion topic.

Etiquette #10

The most common issues in tweeting are to know how long you have to tweet. Ensure to keep it simple and clear.

Etiquette #11

The final etiquette is to make yourself comfortable; be yourself, and not to tweet to impress others or look for followers!

As mentioned earlier, everything should happen by itself; people will follow you if they feel you are genuine, and Tweet interesting stuff; otherwise no may how hard you try, you’ll never manage to earn their respect and good-will!

5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing is Important for the Small Businesses

Social Media Marketing is one of the highly appreciated techniques of online marketing where the small business are marketing and giving visibility to their brands, services or products on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Social media marketing is one of the essential and much needed digital marketing trends among the small businesses as it is cost-effective and holds the power to reach out to all the targeted audience in a large number in a minimum time period. And this process yields more sales/leads when compared to the old conventional marketing methods.

Here is a list of 5 great reasons to show why social media marketing is an essential need.

Social Media is Inexpensive and Effective

Social media marketing is very crucial for the small businesses as with the right social media marketing strategies; a large number of audiences can be reached in lesser time and with minimum efforts. According to the recent study by Forbes, 94 percent of the corporates are making use of social media and around 85 percent of them said that it has given their product and business more exposure.

Branding is Effective on Social Media

Social media marketing is the most trusted tool for small businesses when it comes to branding. As per a latest research, 83 percent of the customers prefer to connect to the companies through Facebook and around 53 percent on Twitter.

Customer Acquisition is Easier on Social Media Platforms

With over half of the world’s population that is registered on the social media platforms, the chances of acquiring targeted customers are fairly high. There are nearly 1.74 billion social media users as per the eMarketer and the social media platforms play a very important role in acquiring the customers to businesses.

Direct Interaction with Customers

With the help of social media, businesses can interact with their customers directly. Small businesses can attract more customers by engaging them with in several interactive methods like Q&A, Polls etc. The customers can directly communicate to the businesses and this result in a stronger trust factor among the two parties.

Generating more Sales/Leads

Social media marketing does wonder when it comes to generating sales and leads. A recent study proved that social media results in almost double the marketing lead when compared to any other alternative methodology. When people can communicate directly to the business, the trust grows and hence they can easily rely on your products and services.

After understanding all these benefits from the social media marketing, many small business now have increased the investment and also the time they spend on social media marketing. And the businesses that were active already on these platforms now share better and much useful content on their profiles to achieve better results and output. It is high time for all the businesses that are looking for branding and visibility to come online, connect to their customers and make the right use of social media platforms for their products and services.a

10 Tips to Do Social Media Marketing for Small Business

For small businesses, it’s very crucial to opt for a marketing channel that gives the best outcomes using the most practical resources. These days, many businesses favour social media marketing when compared to the other marketing strategies. Well, social media marketing for small business certainly deserves the recognition it gets for its ability to increase the brand’s sales and reach, which in turn expands the professional network.

If you are not sure how to use this marketing channel, here are few smart tips for social media marketing for small business.

#1 Choose the Right Channels

If you’re looking forward to use social media marketing for small business, there are plenty of channels out there, including the popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Your business need not be a part of all the social media channels available.

Assess the needs of your business and find out which channel will best suit the requirements. For instance, Pinterest and Instagram are ideal for visual businesses with access to plenty of photography or products. Twitter and Instagram are perfect for businesses, which generate plenty of editorial content.

Opt to go live on some of the most suitable social media channels and ensure that your business is active on the specific channels. It’s generally advised to commit to just one or two networks. With the right approach, social media marketing for small business can give amazing results.

#2 Decide Your Target Audience

You might be wondering how target audience matter when we talk about social media marketing for small business. But, they play a very important role here. When you want to decide which social networking platform is the right one for your business, knowing your target audience helps in making the right decision.

To explain with examples, teenagers are all about SnapChat, Vine, Instagram, and YouTube. The young parents and the elderly gravitate towards Facebook. Businesses rule LinkedIn. Bloggers and influencers love Tumblr and Twitter. Now that explains why it’s important to decide your target audience before choosing a social networking channel. If you know which social networking channel your target audience use mainly, it’s easier for you to take a call.

#3 Focus on Community

Experts have proved that social media marketing for small business can widen its reach and create many fans by engaging more audience. However, it is not like conventional advertising where you post a message and expect someone to respond to it. It’s more focused around the concept of community and more conversational.

Social media marketing for small business allows them to directly interact with their customers and so it has the potential to convert those few customers into an effective virtual marketing team. On social media, ensure that you reply to those who communicate with you. Engage yourself with powerful social influencers like individuals with strong followings or the owners of blogs that your customers read.

Keeping your online community of followers engaged is crucial to social media and this in turn is the key to your success on this platform.

#4 Repeat Strategies That Were Successful Earlier

Every business is unique and so there some unique social media aspects that may work well for one business, but not for the other. If your small business has been exploiting social media marketing for quite some time, you might get to hit upon some strategies that have been really profitable for your business. So, instead of reinventing the wheel, repeat the successful social media strategies and reap the benefits.

Social media is a unique marketing tool in that it can enhance the visibility of a company, expand reach, and engage prospective, existing and future customers. It’s just that you have to use the right strategies in social media marketing for small business.

#5 Post Regularly and Stay Active

The importance of regularity cannot be stressed enough when it comes to social media marketing for small business. If you happen to disappear for weeks or even days together for that matter without updating your business’ social media profiles, your customers and followers will forget you. That doesn’t mean you’ve to be active 24/7, but you just need to ensure that you spend some valuable time to update the profile. If you’re busy, you can schedule future updates using the many tools available like HootSuite, Bufferand SocialOomph.

One thing to remember here is that you cannot post anything and everything just to be active, but rather do your research and update your profile with quality posts rather than quantity. So, the thumb rule here is to post good quality updates on your business profile regularly and remain active.

#6 Monitor the Results and Measure Them

What’s the use of social media marketing for small business if you are not able to monitor and measure what the outcomes of your efforts are? This is important because you need to know whether or not your strategies are working out.

Generally, it takes around three months to find out if it’s worthy to spend on your existing strategies. There are several tools like Google Analytics and KissMetrics that can help you in measuring how successful your presence on social media is. That does not mean you have to rely only on the numbers in the long term, but rather also focus on the quality of content.

With the right strategies followed, your social media marketing for small business success is sure to yield good results. You’ll realise this only when you monitor the results and measure the outputs in reality.

#7 Consider Advertising

If you are ready to invest a little bit of money, you can consider advertising as this can give great benefits for social media marketing for small business. Invest some funds in Google Adwords as this can bump your site to the top few positions of search engine results. For this, you will require a defined listing of keywords, which represent you. You can find such keywords often on your website. Consider both these if you wish to get the best out of your investment.

You can intensify your message on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can build highly targeted, specific advertisements on the networks with only few clicks. Get to know your audience as this can help you in promoting posts easily, sharing offers, gaining more followers, and driving website traffic.

#8 Share the Links Repeatedly with Your Social Presences

If you develop it, it doesn’t come. Use the clickable social icons, user names or vanity links on your home page, email signatures, business cards, marketing tools, and any other place where you think you can use it. If you are not able to get the world to know how to find you, there’s no use setting up a social networking page.

Perform a Google search to find free social networking icons or you can also consider purchasing a fancy icon package. Never underestimate the power of using social networking icons everywhere you can as this is how you can let people learn about your business.

#9 Start Networking

If you want to win in social media, you first need to be its user. In social media, the good news is that you can steal from others – this is called sharing and you need to do that often. Share someone else’s posts with the hope that they will also share yours. When your post is shared by someone else, it means their followers also get to know about you.

Spend some time daily to read your feeds. Follow experts, influencers, brands, publications, and marketers in your industry actively. Like their updates, share their articles, re-tweet their posts or link to their articles. This way, you are likely to move ahead in a positive direction in the world of social media marketing for small business.

#10 Dive Deep and Not Broad

As far as social media is concerned, it’s important that businesses dive deep and not broad. As the saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ goes, it’s important that you don’t dip a finger in all the social media channels. Master just one or two channels rather than floundering in many.

When you consider social media marketing for small business, a good model is to differentiate between social networking sites and social platforms. Social platforms are similar to soap boxes. They let you to establish your credibility and expertise and give a method for discussion and feedback. Good examples are SlideShare and YouTube. On the other hand, social networks are similar to real-world networking event. Good instances are Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

The above listed tips, when implemented judiciously, can be the right ones to get the most out of your social media marketing for small business. A few months down the lane when you monitor the results and measure them, you can see that your business has gained a lot due to your prudent efforts.

5 Key Digital Strategies for growing your Hosting Business

Starting a web hosting business is one thing and growing it to a level where it can give you the kind of profits you want is another. After all, web hosting business is one of the most competitive industries out there. It takes a lot of efforts and strategies to even gain some solid foothold in the industry, let alone become a big name as one of the leading providers even in your own region. In such a competitive environment right digital strategies can play a big role in helping your web hosting business grow one step at a time. Here we mention 5 key digital strategies that can help you grow your web hosting business.

  • Website Design: As simple and as basic as it may sound this seriously very important in terms of your digital strategies efforts. Make sure the website is rightly designed keeping user convenience in mind so that it is easy for customers to navigate and find the services they are looking for. Many web hosting providers lose a lot of business only because they don’t do this right. Along with a simple to use design right looks are also important. Some fine templates can be used from websites like TemplateMonster, ThemeForest and Zomex etc and used in web hosting websites.

key digital strategies

  • Right Payment Gateway Integration: This is fundamentally important. You don’t want your customers to get stuck every time they try to buy your services online. It will be a big blunder on your part if you customers are not able to get through the payment gateway and they find errors while making payment. You will be losing customers right at the end point, something a new web hosting business can’t afford to have. Look at the various gateway options that you have and see what is feasible for you. Make sure your payment gateway supports all types of payments including debit card, credit card and net banking.

key digital strategies

  • Forum Participation: Web hosting forums are great platforms for promotion of a new web hosting business. All you need to do is Google “web hosting forum” and you can find a ton of them to register and become a member. One of the most preferred one is Web Hosting Talk. It a great place to participate, communicate and promote your new web hosting business. You can similarly join few other web hosting forums and promote your present offers such as 50% discount for first two months or whatever is your present selling point. This will naturally attract people who come to these forums to find good deals for services they want. You can use the signature section for putting the link to your offer and create a landing page for the same.

key digital strategies

  • Social Profiles: This is a no-brainer of course but plays a big role at the same time. You must have your business’ Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter accounts in order to create more brand awareness and gain more traction for your business. Social media platforms can not only get you good money but also new ideas that can help you change your business for good; not to mention you will get a lot of suggestions and feedbacks that will help you resolve your issues.

key digital strategies

  • Leverage SEO for Local Search Results: As a web hosting provider you must gain some popularity first in your locality before you target farther region customers. This is important because you as a hosting service provider must also aim to create your brand along with gaining customers. Creating a brand is a slow process and happens one step at a time, especially if you don’t have lavish budget. In order to start your brand creation, SEO for local markets is to be done, which will help you gain more customers in your region.

Digital Marketing mistakes you should avoid

Digital marketing is a limitless paradigm of concepts, which is still evolving to benefit the businesses out there. Here are 5 common mistakes people make in digital marketing and why avoiding them is a great need of the hour.

Mistake 1: Digital Marketing Is Not the Mainstream; Rather It Is Simply an Add-On

Most of the businesses make a mistake by taking digital marketing services or support as an add-on. They emphasize more on the conventional ways rather than digital marketing ways. They set separate budget and head for the digital marketing expenses. The world is evolving and the businesses that follow such mindset are making the biggest mistakes. Digital marketing should be the mainstream; rather it should run parallel with the conventional process because the coming days will compel you to adopt it when you see ample of digital competitors in the market selling the same products and services. So, it is ideal to do it now.

Mistake 2: Not Selecting Your Mainstream Digital Channel

 It is not necessary to be everywhere on social media; it is very important that you understand the power of various channels and accordingly plan your time and money. It depends on the involvement of your target audience as you can plan your schedules. Simply being everywhere and being nowhere is a waste of time and money.

Mistake 3: Not Being Mobile Ready

People today are not taking mobile so seriously, which is the biggest mistake. If you are not handy then you will not move. It does not mean that you need to have a separate mobile site; anything that is adaptable to mobile can work well. Therefore, for e-stores your payment gateways must be optimized for mobile.

Mistake 4: Not Speculating Data

 Putting your banners and marketing with branding images is a must, but something that is more important that most of the businessmen skip is analyzing the data. When you publish something, ample of comments, likes and follows flow in. Simply getting excited can be a nightmare, but in spite of being so excited, it is ideal to understand the response and speculate the data in flow. It is very necessary to address the quality leads and data so that we can go ahead with like minded groups and invest in the channels.

Mistake 5: Talking to Everyone Is Vague

Days are gone when hardcore selling worked and when people believed that talking is the ultimate process. Yes, it is true, but with the evolution of market talking to people has been redefined. Talk, but select with whom to talk. So, in such a context, analyzing the crowd is necessary in the digital marketing paradigm. Once you understand your target audience, affix the avenues for when and where aspects so that you can affirm your engagement levels and points. Such definitions can be made upon demographics and behavior.

These are top 5 mistakes businesses make in digital marketing. Many have understood their mistakes and moved on the right path with tremendous productivity and income.

4 Simple Digital Marketing Tips for New Businesses

Digital marketing is also known as online or Internet marketing. It involves using the Internet to develop a business. It is very important in today’s world. Since we live in a competitive internet world, there are scenarios of competitors and prospective customers constantly being online. In such cases, digital marketing is the only means to stay ahead. If you are running a small business, the online world can seem daunting. So, here are four simple digital marketing tips that can be implemented for any new business.

Update Your Website Frequently

After constructing your website with relevant information about the product, you need to work on the website to keep it up to date based on the customers’ requirements. This will allow the customers to reach the correct page and there will be chances of you getting business. So, ensure that your business website is all set and organised.

You need to have a tab on new web design trends and incorporate them on your site. Further, you also have to test and change them according to the results you get. Also post relevant and shareable content on your business blog frequently to increase your probabilities of appearing in search engine result pages. More prominently, ensure that your site has an approachable design and is optimised for mobile too, which will rather allow customers to buy from you conveniently with all kinds of devices.

Publicise on Social Media and Search Engines

Social media is not only used for networking and talking to your friends, but also acts as a marketing tool in the process of utilizing social networks for promoting your product or services. While advertising on social sites like Facebook and Instagram, ensure to plan your campaigns well. It has to be targeted at customers within the city or community where your store is located apart from your website since they are the most related and crucial people to your business. In simple words, social media marketing helps you build your brand reputation in the social networks by creating a group of followers who are interested and who would want to interact with your brand. Through a well-designed content marketing plan, you can identify your objective customers and connect with them.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method for enhancing a website for search engines. Optimization here means configuring the website code, view, content settings and structure, which will enable the search engines to ‘read’ the website easier. The more the search engine understands about a website, the higher are the possibilities of achieving better rankings. Ensure to have a tab on the results of your ad and look out for keywords that bring in business for you and replace those keywords that do not.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is very important in digital marketing. The web depends on the content and when the right content gets published on your website, you can make out a vast difference for success or failure. Also remember that content plays a vital role in getting traffic from social media and SEO and also for transforming visitors into customers.

Email Marketing
Email marketing is one of the most essential digital marketing tools. You need to consider it as a part of your digital marketing strategy as it is a means to promote your business and you have to aim at increasing your email list by using all available techniques.

The internet has grown so tremendously in terms of popularity and so is the digital marketing. Thus, the aim of digital marketing is to spread awareness about a business and its products or services through Internet.